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    Kanye West going crazy to A-ha’s “Take On Me”

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    no but the best part is how he got the name:

    his name was originally “potatoes,” and his owner, willoughby bertie, told the stable lad who helped him to write the horse’s name on a feed bin. the boy misheard it as, literally “pot-eight-o’s” and wrote it with 8 o’s. bertie found it so funny that he kept that as the horses name.

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    Fuck this baby

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    I’m soooooooooooooooooooooo dead

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    This is someone dying while having an MRI scan. Before you die your brain releases tons and tons of endorphins that make you feel a range of emotions. Tragically beautiful.  

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    Man gets a hard-on at the worst possible moment

    mickey’s dick smasher is here

    what the fuck

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