1. kanyewuzt:

    god is alwayz wit u even wen u can’t realli c him

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    Oh yeah…

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    "I had to get Blue Ivy out of the house. Kanye showed up at like 6am wearing a bathrobe and two pairs of sunglasses, ranting about how Game of Thrones was guilty of copyright infringement because he thought he’d gotten a copyright on the word ‘Throne…’ I don’t.. I don’t even recognise my life anymore." 

    I laughed more then I should have

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  10. smelku:

    George Lopez set in an Alternate Universe wherein Stefan Burnett is a member of the family.

    However, he is invisible to the characters in the show, interacting only with the viewer(s) via facial expressions and eye movements.

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  11. gatewayslugs:

    woof woof wats for lunch lol

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    The Money Store signed by Weird Al

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